Thursday, 12 June 2014

From A Strange Question On Gangshan...

Yet another shot of Agongdian reservoir taken from the top of Xiaogangshan. This morning one of my local friends was trying to tell me, on the authority of her husband, that there was no such hill in the Gangshan area. Anyway, this is another shot from a couple of weeks ago. As is this one from the dam crest showing Xiaogangshan to the left, and Dagangshan off in the distance to the right...

You can see the depth of the reservoir is fairly shallow, despite the recent plum rains; the reason for this is that the reservoir is drained every summer to allow the sediments to be cleaned out. Contrary to my expectation, the draining mechanism wasn't the hydraulic spillway gate, but a secondary channel emptying into the spillway - one that sits at a right angle to, and is fed from, the irrigation channel. I'm not sure why that is yet...

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