Saturday, 1 March 2014

This Morning's Catch: Osprey Shots

All shots taken this morning whilst on the raft. Although I meant to be up as early as possible, I didn't actually leave the house until 8.45am so I didn't get onto the water until 9.55am. I spent just over three hours on the raft but didn't approach the dam and spillway until noon, by which time the haze had increased and the sun had risen far too high to be any good. That being said, I did manage to figure out how I had made my previous navigational error through the maze of islands; the right direction to go in proved to be subtly counterintuitive. The next trip should be much quicker.

My hands are all burned up now from constantly pushing that bamboo paddle through the water; it's one thing to prepare for this by three weeks of pull-ups and lower back stretches, but they don't protect the skin on your hands. I'll have to remember to wear gloves next time.

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