Tuesday, 18 February 2014

"Ten Green Bottles"

Tonight I learn, via my regular stop at Bishop Hill, that James Delingpole has finally left the Daily Telegraph and is now working for Breitbart London as an executive editor. Here he is listing what in his view amount to the ten "best" lefty lies about the recent floods in Britain.

Number eight - the claim that dredging rivers would not have prevented the floods - is a potentially misleading one in that whilst the advantage of dredging rivers is increased flow velocity, it is an advantage that has limits. In very large flood events, a perfectly de-silted waterway may not prevent flooding at all but it may still have the advantage of ensuring the flood waters hang around for less time before they are channelled out to sea. However, the same thing is true about absorption of flood waters into the earth and groundwater systems - there are limits as to how much water can be absorbed and transported over time. Unlike subterranean water channels and reservoirs however, surface-borne waterways are much easier to engineer so as to improve flow velocity.

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