Thursday, 19 September 2013

Two Deaths

"... the crowd pushed Liu and the police out of the house, throwing bottles and shoes at him before slamming the door shut. Liu left after getting hit by a shoe."
Understandably, Liu is being blamed for the death (presumably some form of suicide) of Chang Sen-wen (張森文). However, amid all the talk about Liu, his apparent sociopathy and the allegations of corruption against him, you should not forget that the power wielded by people like him is consequent to institutional design and the ethics of collectivism underpinning that architecture.

Furthermore, you should always remember that the "Taiwan Rural Front" and the Democratic Progressive Party are not even trying to repeal the prominent legislative feature of that architecture - the Land Expropriation Act. Even now they will be talking parceltongue about it; normal people will hear soft hissing noises about "rights" and "property rights", when what is actually being referred to are politically contingent permissions; this is a far more subtle form of robbery and most people will not even understand that they are being used and what it is that is being taken from them.

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