Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Looking For A Good Essay On Road Safety In Taiwan

A curiosity: I have been looking for a well written article on road safety in Taiwan that is at once more comprehensive in its' scope than the usual anecdotal descriptions of accidents and incidents and more thoughtful in its conjectures and prescriptions than the usual reflex calls for stricter law enforcement. I haven't found anything that suits, which is surprising given that road safety is perhaps the largest and most immediate form of "culture shock" for westerners arriving here.

Michael Turton's old web-page on driving in Taiwan comes closest to matching my criteria, but it is now somewhat dated and lacks sufficient descriptive detail on behavioural adaptations, road design systems, construction quality problems, lighting and signage.

So there's only one conclusion: I shall have to start researching and writing the bloody thing myself.


  1. This isn't about Taiwan, but it proposes interesting ideas, nonetheless. It still isn't the article I was trying for you that was also in Atlantic. In the past 3 or 4 years, Atlantic Magazine has really gone downhill, but when the article that I searched for came it, there was still a fair bit interesting and good quality content.

  2. You seem to have forgotten to add a link there, Thoth. A google search for "Atlantic Magazine article on road safety" returns this as the top item - was this the article you had in mind?


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