Tuesday, 10 September 2013

"Evasion Data"

"If the IPCC is essentially going to acknowledge that currently there is a pause in the warming and if it is going to state that the reason for this pause is presently not known or understood and/or cannot presently be explained, it is impossible to then go on and honestly state that the certainty level in AGW is now greater than ever."
Richard Verney comments at Bishop Hill.

That "pause" is now sixteen years (1997-2013); sixteen years during which carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing and IPCC predictions have been falsified time and time again by the temperature record. Soon it will be twenty years. We are well past the point at which "honesty" could be honestly attributed to these people. The looming question now is how many of the rationalization stories from the green activists as to "the missing heat" are to be treated as data for a future study of psychological evasion.

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