Monday, 18 February 2013

To Hold In Contempt

"They see it as “cool,” and a valued symbol, something they desire to be personally associated with. 
Today, wearing the British flag raises a person’s own cultural capital..."
The Taipei Times publishes another magnificent editorial addressing the crucial issues of the times... what pretty patterns teenage girls prefer to have on their iphone covers.

Memo to the editor: because you are in charge of a national newspaper (note: not a personal blog or a silly girl's magazine) you should be fired for publishing fatuous tat like this when there are genuinely important things to argue about - and which are not being argued about.

I'm amazed I'm still amazed sometimes.


  1. Perhaps I'm being pedantic here but that wasn't an editorial. It was most likely a commissioned submission. Fatuous yes, but I suspect they were filling space given that they might not have had too many other articles and letters to fill the space owing to the New Year break.

    I'm also amazed that you're amazed tbh ;)


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