Monday, 18 February 2013

Back At Baihe Reservoir (白河水庫)

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, I returned to Baihe reservoir to try once again to find a vantage point from which to shoot the "fractal fork" that comprises the north-eastern section of the reservoir. I had been frustrated in three previous attempts, but this time I eventually managed to find the elusive (and unmarked) road onto the escarpment that forms the central peninsula around which the reservoir's "fractal fork" is formed. I also managed to take a shot looking down from one of the spurs of an overlooking hill (see bottom-left image above - though I don't think I will ever have a mind to repeat that climb).

The entrance to the escarpment road along the peninsula is actually hidden behind a set of dead bamboo branches and other brush at the end of a road which I had previously taken to be yet another dead-end farmer's road. This time I noticed a gleam of metal on a gate underneath the camouflage, and off I went on foot. There were no signs, and nobody stopped me...

The road across the peninsula took me a good twenty minute walk - not counting stops, of which I made many - and it allows access to just about every little curve and crag of the entire peninsula separating the fractal fork. The topography of the peninsula oscillates at seemingly regular intervals with each peak surmounted by either a well, or a towering electricity pylon (the buzzing sound suddenly made me worry about the eagles). There were too many possible shots to line up and consider for the remaining time I had available to me, but I did manage some decent eagle shots...

Although a lot of the pictures I took were rushed (and consequently a bit rubbish), the mere fact that I have found the entrance to the escarpment road down the peninsula means that I can re-take them in the future - when I have more time to think carefully about framing and perhaps under other lighting conditions (e.g. dawn might be good).

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