Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The 7th

I was never really a fan of the 5th, but I always loved the 7th, primarily for the second movement - though I think the pace of the orchestration in this particular rendering may be just a little too fast. This is the first time I've seen it set to a visual tracker, which makes a change from the usual cover pictures of conductor-in-Napoleonic-pose.


  1. The main problem with the 5th is one of over use - it has become somewhat banal as a result. Same goes for the Ode To Joy Refrain in the 9th. Whilst I agree the 7th is massively underrated, my personal favourite is the 3rd, Eroica. Strange though that of his nine symphonies, usually the odd numbered ones get most of the attention.

  2. Ah, good ol' Ludwig Van! My favorite for these past two years is the 6h (Pastorale). Particularly the last movement, whose recall always purifies my body and mind.


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