Saturday, 23 February 2013

Conquergraphy At Baihe Reservoir

The only half-decent eagle shot I managed today at Baihe reservoir. The difficulty was, as last week (when I found myself with a similar opportunity), approaching the bird quietly enough so as not to disturb him before I'm in range. In this shot, I may have been about 30 to 40 feet away when I pressed the button - and it may have been the sound of the shutter that alerted him to my prescence; he decided to hop off the branch and flew away before I could take another shot.

I was also able to take some pictures of the fork in various aspects; gazing eastwards up across the northern prong and its' southern counterpart, and the split itself from the east with the two prongs of the fork running up either side of it. This was the most important shot of the day, but it really demanded either a stitch of multiple shots to form a panorama (which would have been difficult for reasons to do with the required tripod space relative to the paucity of actual standing space on that narrow ridge), or a proper 10mm wide angle lens - which I don't have. The sky looks "purple" because I had to use a graduated filter to counteract the overexposed skyline. There are several ways I might be able to improve this shot in the future, but this one will serve as a reference...

Although lacking in good eagle shots today, I did manage a few shots of birds not "on a wire", but at least between wires - or between different sorts of parallel lines anyway. The first one was a gregarious little starling framed by a couple of twigs, not five feet away from me...

And the second one was an eagle again, but instead of natural lines, here we find the strict parallel lines of electricity cables stretching between pylons - god help the birds if they ever get caught in a draft near those things on a windy day...

I will be coming back again at some point to conquer that landscape shot of the split somehow. The conquest will probably involve some combination of dawn, black-cards, and perhaps even a new ND filter. We'll see...

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