Saturday, 19 January 2013

Yongheshan Reservoir (永和山水庫) Trip

That's myself yesterday morning at the entry barriers to Yongheshan reservoir just outside of Zhunan in Miaoli county. I was hoping to talk to an engineer or two, but the management office was unexpectedly closed. Instead I talked to one of the locals who seemed knowledgable about the reservoir and he confirmed what I had already known about the feeder stream, and affirmed what I had already guessed about its' source and location off the river. However, because it was especially windy yesterday, I guessed that it would be slow going on the mountain bike and decided to leave it for another trip. This time I just took advantage of the pleasant winter sunshine to retake some older shots from last year's trip and explore some of the farmer's roads to the south. I didn't find anything particularly interesting, although I did notice Ozsoapbox's spooky mausoleum from atop the nearby hills...

Now that my house move is finished (more or less), I may start posting with greater frequency again soon, although I was feeling much better during my two week internet hiatus. The troll's comments will still be binned on reflex, but otherwise comments are open again.

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