Saturday, 19 January 2013

3rd Piano Concerto, 2nd Movement

When I was 19 and living in a tiny little flat with a dormer window out on the edge of town, this is what I'd play (vinyl) at the end of the day when I could finally sit down for a cup of tea. Although that little flat was falling to bits, had no hot water and only a tiny, electric heating element, I still remember it fondly (many a cold shower at 7.30am when it was snowing outside!). I cannot remember clearly now when I bought this record, but I do remember that I picked it up in one of the charity shops for 37 pence, which struck me at the time as curious because 37 was also the opus number Beethoven gave to this piece.

Over a decade later, it remains my favourite "scaling-down" piece of music. I had it playing quietly on repeat for the dogs while I was out and about this afternoon, and it's one of the things I sometimes play when I want to concentrate whilst writing.

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