Thursday, 13 December 2012

"Milvus Migrans"

This is a Black Kite I found soaring on the thermals over the back end of Tseng-wen reservoir yeterday (Wednesday) morning just before 8am. Driving through Zuohzhen and Yujing at 5.30am-5.45am was awful; not only was it pitch black (no road lighting) but there was so much fog that I couldn't see more than maybe ten yards in front of me. I needn't have worried; once we got onto the climb up the southern end of Tseng-wen reservoir, we quickly burst through the fog to see the sun rising over the mountains. It was a spectacular day, and I got far more out of it than the day before, when I rode the bicycle down to Agongdian reservoir to look for the diversion channel entry point (which I didn't find). The 98 kilometers I spent cycling on Tueday would not have bought me even half of Wednesday's trip which had to be undertaken on motorbike.

There is a lot of work to be getting on with...

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