Sunday, 2 September 2012

98 K

I've just got back home to Tainan after cycling down to Kaohsiung for a couple of pints and back (Donny is a gent, and the girls are very nice). The trip was 47 kilometers there, and 47 kilometers back with the extra four kilometers clocked up moving across the city from one pub to another. Beats the trip to Yujing by 26 kilometers, although that one is arguably more of a challenge due to the hilly terrain (Tainan to Kaohsiung and back is mostly flat all the way). Still, I don't think it matters how much stretching I do, I'm going to be a temporary cripple all day tommorow; my heart and lungs still had plenty left when I finally rolled back into the building basement, but my legs were knackered. I think I'll be walking the dogs at the beach tommorow rather than running.

And Sunderland drew with Swansea down at their place - not a bad result considering the absolute whipping they've dealt out to other teams so far.


Not that bad actually. I reckon I could do well over 100 K now without too much problem the next day.

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