Thursday, 30 August 2012

Michael Mann "Intends" To Sue Mark Steyn & NRO

" order to defend itself NR would be entitled to seek discovery, and in the process obtain access to e-mails and other records that Mann has, thus far, resisted disclosing in various freedom-of-information suits prompted by ClimateGate."
So writes Jonathan Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy blog.

If Michael Mann is not, in fact, a fraud, then he should have no problem with full and open disclosure of his "censored" file (among other things, such as emails) which reputedly contains the data he ommitted when composing his hockey stick. But if he is not a fraud, and the censored file contains nothing that Mann needs to hide from public scrutiny, then for what reason did he previously resist FOI requests?

Delingpole reckons that Mann will bottle it once his lawyers have a look at what he's got in his closet.

If in fact however, Mann's lawyers go ahead with the lawsuit, then, as Theo Goodwin points out in his 3.23pm comment at WUWT, there will be a public record of Mann answering such questions as...

"Did you commit fraud in publishing the hockey stick graph?"

"Did you choose not to show the forty years of declining tree ring data, choose to replace that data with temperature records, and choose not to inform readers of your hockey stick article about the substitution?"

Let's spell it out, just to be clear for the greenies at the Taipei Times and elsewhere: if Mann answers those questions "no", and if subsequently through the process of legal discovery he is found to have lied, then there could be a good chance that Mann will go to jail.

Think for a moment, what that would do to the Climatchange industry and the credibility of all those people who have spent the last decade or more screaming green murder over carbon dioxide emissions.

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