Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Couple Of Hueys

Posted here for no other reason than that I had them lying around from last week and had almost forgotten about them. The first one is in regular Army colours and was flying at maybe a couple of hundred feet passing straight over the park (from south to north) while I was walking the dogs.

The second one, also photographed at the park (at a similar altitude and flying from north to south) has a brown and yellow ground camouflage scheme, which makes me suspect it's for use on the coastline.

My Tseng-wen reservoir essay is almost done; it wants only for one or two more pictures and getting them will require making another trek out there. Meanwhile, I'm watching the weather forecasts. I'm hoping for rain later this week (to wash out all the humidity-induced haze); the plan is to bomb down to Pingtung very early one morning (i.e. leaving about 4am) to spend a good three or four hours photographing Mudan reservoir and maybe have a quick swim at one of the beaches (I haven't done that for a while) before heading back up to Tainan.

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