Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Shao Bai (小白) Missing

These are the last two clear pictures I took of Shao Bai at the park this morning. He's the white one; the other two dogs are Coco (brown) and my dog Tinkerbell. They were all there this morning and also in the early evening (I left at 6.30pm) but when I went to the park to feed them tonight, Shao Bai didn't show up.

He's usually the first one.

I'm tired out now as I write this having just walked and driven around all night looking for him - at that park and at several others and also along the contiguous roads (though I've no reason to suspect that he would have left the other dogs voluntarily).

One possibility is that, while I was at work, he ran out onto the road to chase another stray dog away from the park and got hit by a car - and has since been "roadswept". If that's what's happened, it's too late.

Another possibility is that one of the dodgy old fossils has somehow managed to abduct him with the promise of chicken. If that's what's happened, he might be tied up somewhere either to be used as guard dog or to be chopped up in some shoddy little "restaurant".

Another possibility is that, for some reason, some old woman may have called the government to come and take him away (but not the other dogs, so that's unlikely). If that's what's happened they'll either have moved him to another park (but I checked the nearby ones already) or they'll have dumped him in a shelter (I'll go and check them tommorow).

Another possibility is that one of my Taiwanese friends has taken him in for some reason (I've called: some have not, some were asleep and not answering their phones - will try again in the morning).

I'm drained.

Update: I found him this morning - he's OK. I can only guess he went walkabout or chased some other dog, but he must have gone quite far because I was looking for him for maybe two hours last night. I might have the explorer's trait, but I'd much prefer he didn't have it also.

Here's another picture with all three of the brothers (from left to right) Wanwan, Coco and Shao Bai. They are the only three left of the original seven puppies that were abandoned last spring - I took care of four of them and various other people adopted the other three.

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