Saturday, 21 May 2011


Well, my trip to Lioujia will have to wait until tommorow. Looking after the three (formerly four) strays in the park, in addition to my own dog, is quite enough but then this afternoon somebody only went and dropped seven little puppies in the park, including three that seem to be labrador / golden retriever mixed pups. The other four include two brown pups, a black pup (who has a few skin problems) and a tan coloured pup.

This just had to happen right after the Tainan city government built a roller-skate bowl in the park (which was formerly used mostly by dog owners). This is not going to go down well for the three dogs who were already living in the park, never mind seven new arrivals: it will be used as yet another excuse by those unmentionables who do not like dogs to try to have the government come and remove (i.e. eventually murder) them.

It's a little awkward for me at the moment because I have multiple issues in the process of being resolved, but I'm giving some thought to adopting one or two of them; the labrador-retrievers were immediately all over me and the camera as soon as I arrived. And a certain woman I know is badgering me to get one because she likes golden retrievers.

I'll think about it.

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