Saturday, 21 May 2011

Back From The Vet

I brought Black & White back to the park from the vet today. Curiously, it was a very low key reunion among the dogs; Black & White growled at little Meimei and when Picky approached there was clearly a bit of aggro between them even though they hadn't seen each other for a week. Of course, my dog Tinkerbell was all over her straight away without any hesitation! After a half-hour or so, they all went off to pursue their own seperate interests and then go to sleep in their different spots. Of all four dogs, Black & White is always the one I find most difficult to take good pictures of; she rarely looks straight into the lens (or when she does, she moves) - it's almost as if she's camera shy.

Anyway, while I'm waiting on other things, I might try to re-shoot that temple in Lioujia during the dusk light. Previously I've tried shooting it at night, but that's very difficult. Here is a crop of a previous effort... I found that messing with the exposure and tinting edits doesn't really improve it so I'll just have to keep shooting the thing under different lighting conditions until I get a good 'un. It's one of those places which, if you go there on your own at night will give you the creeps; as soon as you pull in off the mountain road, the totalitarian aspect of this thing immediately looms* right across your entire peripheral vision.

*Its' facade is about 300m across, yet your position is only a couple of meters from the road. The effect is chilling.

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