Thursday, 1 March 2012

Not A "Good Thing"

My comment on the "train story", here...


"As a libertarian, I don't think the law should be getting involved in things like this* - but that doesn't blind me to evil when I see it. It must take an extraordinary suspension of empathy, in defiance of the bilateral affection typical of sex, to get excited about boning some malmatured little teenage girl in concert with seventeen other leering ghouls. I recoil when I try to picture the abject bent of character required to do something like this; the attainment of sexual excitement through the animus of disaffection.

Now, not to deny the necessity of shining a light on the hiding places of human depravity, but this ghastly episode itself is most certainly not a "good thing".

*The State does not have, and cannot have, the requisite moral authority to deal with such things competently."


I don't know if it'll get through, following on as it does from my rough handling of that persistent idiot Ben Goren here. Look at him, cackhandedly trying to play his "social libertarian" card to excuse these suited-up smeagols - and after all the interminable Lefty bullshit at his blog about "respecting" women.

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