Monday, 19 March 2012


As I just recently explained to a friend of mine, I'm not giving her up. I'm going to put in the extra effort to look after her. Besides, as I just found out this morning - she's a babe magnet: the cute girl in the 7-11 is all over me when I walk in carrying her, but when I went back later on without her (to pick up a burger and pay my water bill), she'd reverted to the rote, half-awake rigmarole of customer response. So I mentioned this to her friend and drew blushes and laughter from the two of them. Gunny is cute; if I drew a cartoon of her, I'd have to further exaggerate the floppy ears - they're already out of proportion to the size of her head. Look at her right ear in that picture: it looks like the air intake for Boeing's F/A-XX concept!


She's tired out from running around at the park for an hour or so early this morning. I was supposed to be at work this afternoon, but apparently there is some sort of delay with the new customer. I'm spending the time on my Nanhua reservoir essay.


  1. Well, like I said, Gunny is a keeper. She's found a good human indeed, i.e. she hit the doggie jackpot. It does not hurt that Gunny is also a babe magnet.

  2. Cheers John. By the way, "graft" is a north-east expression for work as in the north-east of England (not Taiwan!).

  3. Thanks for teaching me two things today.


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