Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FAO Jim Walsh In Taipei

"Your opinion page rarely makes me as angry as I was the other day, reading the claptrap by Li Thian-hok (李天福) (“US Taiwanese should vote GOP,” March 16, page 8)..."
Presumably, Jim, that would be because Thian-hok wrote this...
"Taiwanese Americans should oppose US President Barack Obama’s re-election."
... and then also this...
"Obama is the antithesis of the president the US needs in the critical years ahead."

You know Jim, if you hadn't gotten your little whinge published in the TT today, I wouldn't have even known Thian-hok had said that - and gotten it published! In the Taipei frickin' Times!
"There is no reason supporters of Taiwan should automatically decide to vote Republican. Any claim to the contrary is just flat wrong."
What kind of a vending-machine-licking moron "votes automatically", Jim?

Oh wait... that would be the dead people in Chicago.

Oh wait, no, maybe that's just Jim's tacit understanding of how other people's minds work - but not his. Of course not. Nah - Obama can ring up another five or six trillion in debt over the next few years, stall on serious weapons upgrades to Taiwan's Airforce and Navy and Jim'll still be fixing it for the big O in the Taipei Times.

Oh wait, no, now I see, he said "automatically decides to vote", presumably with the meaning that the decision to vote is in some sense independent or self-made ("automatic"), rather than machine-like.

No, there's no reason for supporters of Taiwanese freedom to run around under the delusion that they actually own themselves. Nah. They should just sit their little selves down and take their decisions carefully under the charming little duresses of the Left.

It's serious isn't it? I mean, if you're a Taiwanese American you'd have to have a head like an empty crisp packet to do anything other than vote for the Bringer of Rope and Short-Changed Economics. And stupid attack helos for jousting across the Strait with the PLA's Sukhois.


  1. And let's not forget the knee-jerk reaction to any non-African American who doesn't vote for Obama, courtesy of the Walsh types: racist.

  2. Oh yes - there's even vid of Morgan Freeman taking that line on the Tea Party somewhere. But that's Hollywood - you've got to be a commie if you want the good parts.

    There's a high-low mix being played here. The racism line is the base note, but the higher pitch is the scream for tax hikes on the rich; both are just a piss-poor attempt at sublimating the uncomfortable fact that it is the ideology of the Left*, to whatever extent it may have een aided and abetted by the "scarlet conservatives", that has led to this monetary and fiscal precipice.

    *Always presented as "non-ideological" by the Pragmatists. The so-called conservatives swallowed that medicine and now try to hold the Left in check by using the term "ideological" as a swear word. Because they are fucking idiots.


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