Saturday, 4 February 2012

Persistent Pilot Error

Question: is there a "drinking problem" in Taiwan's Air Force Academy? They keep crashing their planes, and the investigators keep putting it down to pilot error. The question has to be asked in order to be eliminated: are they just getting into their planes still half-sloshed from the night before*?

Three different planes in the last three years: AT-3s this year, F-5s last year, T-34s in 2010 - and note that two of these planes are trainers whilst the F-5 is presumably considered a step up toward the F-16s, IDFs and Mirage 2000s. So it's unlikely to be the senior pilots who are misbehaving. Then again... somebody should check up on the number of "incidents" with the F-16s.

*Yes, I've heard rumours that this is what's going on.

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