Saturday, 4 February 2012


It was approaching three in the afternoon and the sun was blaring out a white glare everywhere to the west, so, for the want of filters, I set the shutter speed to somewhere over 1/1000, dropped the F-stop and switched the white balance up to blue-green. The best I could do: the dam for Wushantou reservoir (烏山頭水庫) is just about visible as a thin, dark, horizontal strip in the centre of the image at the horizon.

I drove out there this afternoon to check out the back end of the reservoir, and then off to have a look at Baihe Reservoir (白河水庫) at the north end of the county. There is a little village at the back end of Wushantou which is visible in the distance from the dam itself. It's called "Wangyegong", a very Hoklo-sounding name, and I drove in there on the big bike - which, when I saw the state of the little backroads out there, I realized was something of a mistake. One of the locals kindly ferried me up and down the steep, narrow, knackered little farm roads on the back of a scooter so I could take pictures. What I need to do at some point is go back early in the morning at or before sunrise and try out a few other vantage points to the north and south.

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