Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Like Eating Steak With A Wooden Spoon...

I have finished my post on Agongdian reservoir which has been in the works for some time; it just needs proof-reading and some last minute editing. One of the problems with using the Blogger platform I find is that the preview function is bloody hopeless; although the placement of images either to the left or right of the main text body is sensitive to the syntactical structure of the text, the preview version isn't anything like the actual version you see when you hit publish because borders are added onto each image after publishing. This is annoying because one reason why writing this post took me so long (one reason, there were others - not least among which was the collection, sorting and editing of photographs) was because I had to ponder little syntactic adjustments to my sentence structures in order to accommodate the neat and tidy placement of all of my pictures. I now see all of that was a waste of time.

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