Saturday, 31 December 2011

Criminal World

Here is the original version of the song "Criminal World" written by Duncan Browne and Peter Godwin and performed by their band "Metro" in the late 1970s.

Here is Bowie's version of that song, from his "Let's Dance" album of 1983.

Background music whilst I busy myself with writing other things: another reservoir posting (quite large; good picture weather has been a problem) and a piece on Taiwan's multi-layered air defenses (the problem is trying to ascertain a measured sense of their likely effectiveness, or otherwise, based on publicly available information).


Life's a bitch: as if I didn't have enough problems of my own already, another one fell into my lap after 11pm on Thursday night; whilst walking the dog at the park, I found a tiny little pedigree spaniel curled up shivering in a ditch.

She had no eyes.

I don't mean she was blind - I mean she literally had holes where her eyes should have been. Anyway, I fed her and called my Taiwanese friend who came to pick her up and then took her to the vet's on Friday afternoon. I had initially suspected extreme cruelty (or perhaps an unfortunate encounter with a cat) but apparently the vet believes she has congenital blindness, which I'm not sure about because it wasn't that her eyes didn't work, it was that she had no eyes. Aside from that however she had no other problems. The vet's story is that it's likely she was used by one of Taiwan's many professional breeders to give birth to as many spaniel puppies as possible and then once she'd performed this function, she was ejected: to die alone in the darkness, shivering in a ditch.

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