Wednesday, 14 September 2011

F-5 Trainers Crashing Into East Coast Mountains

"Ministry of Defense spokesman Colonel David Lo (羅紹和) confirmed that an F-5F fighter and an RF-5 reconnaissance plane had taken off from the air force base in Hualien at 7:39pm for a nighttime training flight, but had disappeared from radar screens at 7:52pm."
This story worries me - assuming it is true (I've no reason to think it isn't) were the crashes due to malfunction, pilot error or sabotage? There's no real information to go on yet, but my guess would be some form of sabotage simply because it seems to have been two planes crashing into the mountainside one after another. Accounting for single isolated crashes as either due to malfunction or pilot error (or some complication of the two) would have more verisimilitude to me in my layman's eyes than accounting for two such crashes at the same time.

But I don't know, and it's far too early to jump to conclusions.

Whatever the true reasons for the double crash may be, this is very bad.

Three pilots have been lost.

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