Thursday, 18 August 2011

IDF Shots

Just less than an hour ago, I was pottering about washing dishes and going through some pictures I took on Tuesday and Wednesday when I was interrupted by a flight of four IDFs passing fairly low (four or five hundred feet perhaps) over Tainan City. I fumbled the camera back out of its bag and rushed to the balcony but could only get a few faint snaps of them in the distance. Then they made a second pass about five minutes later and I managed a few half-decent shots. After that I stayed on the balcony waiting for the third pass, but it never came - instead they came in to land (the airforce base is just down the road, and I often drive by it on my way south to Kaohsiung).

This shot and the one at the top are from the second pass. In the shots I took from the first pass, the planes were already so far away in the distance as to be mere specks against the clouds.

The somewhat blurred buildings to the immediate right and left of that plane are dormitories on the NCKU campus behind the train station. If you zoom in you can see the pilot has already got his landing gear out.

The landing gear is even more clearly visible in this shot of the next plane coming in to land. The tower to the immediate left is the Shangri La hotel tower behind the train station. Here is a recent non-skewed shot I took of that building:

One of my side projects is compiling a series of photographs of Tainan and Kaohsiung cities for a friend in China who gave me a compilation of fantastic photos of her city Qingdao. It will take me a while to finish, but that shot is going on the list.

And no, not everybody in China is an enemy.

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