Friday, 19 August 2011

Harry Adamopoulos

"I find it remarkable that it took the government less than 24 hours to find the body of Taishin Financial Holdings president Lin Keh-hsiao (林克孝). If it were any average person, it would take weeks — as has been proven with the death of other hikers. If you are wondering why London is burning up and revolutions are taking place in the Arab world, look no further than these types of injustices."
So people in London smashed shops, stole televisions and burned cars because of the type of "injustice" whereby the body of a rich hiker is found more quickly than a poor one? And the people in Cairo protested against the social and economic conditions imposed on them by a dictatorial government for the same reason?

That's some fearsome stupid you've got there Mr Harry Adamopolous in Taipei. You'd be f*cking invincible in a debate.


  1. If Harry were to actually look into the circumstances of the search, I think he would find it less remarkable.

    But Lin fell off steep cliffs into the valley shortly after beginning the climb. His two friends soon ran to seek help, reaching the Department of Fire of the Yilan County Government at 9:00 p.m. after having run for 12 hours.

    Clearly the quick recovery of his body can be attributed primarily to the fact that there were two people (in great physical shape) who knew exactly where he fell off the cliffs.

  2. Good call, Blob. I should have checked into it first myself before writing my letter.

  3. Yeah, when I read it, that TT letter bugged me, as well. Oh well, when I was in my teens and in my twenties, I thought like that as well. That's what (un)education does to us.

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