Saturday, 2 July 2011

Weather Changes

I took this picture early this afternoon at the park (at about 1.30pm). Superb weather as you can see - the dog stretching out in the sunlight is Black & White...

This next picture was one I took out in the mountains of Nanxi at Tseng-Wen reservoir (曾文水庫) at about 4.30pm...

I tried to make the most of the cloud-dampened light (the vertical streams of light you can see in that image are actually rainfall directly over the reservoir); the late afternoon timing was the request of my girlfriend (not too early, not too hot etc...). I might just make a sequel trip out there with my dog early tommorow morning.

Now that she has her own camera (and has stopped trying to pinch borrow mine), she's claiming she's a better amateur photographer than I am... though to be fair, I can be pretty retarded behind the lens sometimes.

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