Monday, 16 May 2011

Trip To The Vet

Today (Sunday, although I'm writing this in the wee hours) I took Black & White to the vet after she sliced her front left paw open on what I can only assume was one of the few remaining pieces of broken plastic mold left lying around in the park by the roller-rink builders. They were as sharp as knives. She'll be stuck in a cage at the vet's for a couple of days until her paw heals sufficiently, but me and Wang will go and see her in the morning.

The day they finished that stupid concrete box was the day that Didi got run over. I spent some time after I got back from the vet looking for more such pieces of sharp, broken plastic and I'll have another look tommorow morning. I hope the other two haven't cut themselves on anymore plastic in the meantime.

Update: We saw her this morning, and took her for a gentle walk around the block at the vet's place. Put a fresh dressing on her paw and let her play with my dog a little. I'll bring her some chicken this afternoon - the other dogs there will love some of that too I should think. There are some pitiful little kittens in the cages at that place.

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