Monday, 11 July 2011

Puppies (Re-abandoned)

The seven puppies which were abandoned in the park nearly two months ago were adopted by various local Taiwanese people. Or so I thought until about a week ago - four of them have since been re-abandoned in the park and naturally the costs of looking after them every day have fallen on me* - in addition to the three strays (Picky, Black & White and Meimei) and my own dog. They've grown a lot in the last two months, and of course they get plenty of chicken and biscuit and milk from me. I'd rather they stay in the park than adopt them, but I have to worry about the problems with this (locals, traffic, other dogs, disease etc). If I do adopt one or all of them, I'll need to think about how my dog will react to them and then deal with the guilt of not having adopted the adult dogs (I can't accept any rationalization of this in terms of their not being so easy to train).

There are other considerations too. Damn it.

* The costs have fallen mostly on me, although I do get some help from some of the locals occassionally and my friend Wang.


  1. Wow they look adorable. Any idea why they were dumped again?

    And is that a husky amongst them? Strange to see one of them abandoned, their owners usually love them to bits from what I've seen.

  2. What can I say? This is Taiwan: it's normal for people to abandon and mistreat animals here, that's just bred into the culture.


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