Monday, 25 July 2011

False Flag?

"Whatever his intentions, the whole game has changed. This man is the fulfillment of warnings by the ruling class- of rightwingextremism- that we used to laugh off as scaremongering. We cannot do that now. We are all now justifiable targets for the authorities. There is, it turns out a vast Right Wing Conspiracy, a murderous one, after all. The authorities will have carte blanche to round up any and all they so desire to. They will also have all the justification they need for wiping off the internet any website they consider a “hate” site. Breivik’s book, replete with incriminatory references to websites and bloggers, is all the evidence they need to demonstrate that freedom of speech kills."
Ian B, over at CCIZ, has a disturbing hypothesis about what the Norweigian massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik means. Supporting evidence? Well certainly the effect will be to ratchet up State security crackdowns on the "far-right" (which will be loosely defined), as this chiseling book-seller in the Telegraph calls for. Whether it was actually a false flag operation I don't know, but I will note here that similar tactics are not beyond the Left as we have seen recently with the ATF's Gunwalker and Fast & Furious set-up operations in the States. I also find it slightly curious that, unlike other such madmen, Breivik did not follow up his massacre with a suicide attempt and instead surrendered to the police.


On further reflection and reading, I think it's far more likely that Breivik was acting on his own, right-wing convictions.

Breivik shot and killed at least 68 people on the island according to this BBC report. Jesus Christ. As if fighting the Left wasn't hard enough already, this nutcase comes along and just murders scores of people in cold blood.

As if we weren't sick with outrage enough as it is.


  1. As if fighting the Left wasn't hard enough already, this nutcase comes along and just murders scores of people in cold blood.

    You got that right, Mike, Breivik did not do the cause of liberty any favors what-so-ever.

  2. Indeed. Some things are always going to be very difficult to defend against, but some of the adults on that island ought to have been armed since then they could have shot the bastard. It's a worry for me too, because unlike in Norway, firearms ownership is prohibited here in Taiwan.


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