Wednesday, 15 June 2011

U.S. Guns In Mexico

A week or two ago I had an email exchange with an NCKU student about Mexico. Today, the Taipei Times carries an AP story, sarcastically and idiotically entitled "Surprise Surprise", on the Senate report by two of the usual scumbags - Dianne Feinstein and Chucky Schumer. Feinstein, readers must know, is practically a bought-and-paid-for operative of the PRC.

The Senate report claims that 70% of firearms recovered by Mexican police from the drug cartels originated from the U.S. and then of course, goes on to link this to the lifting of the ban on assault rifles in 2004.

I haven't checked it yet but I'm betting it's the same bullshit that I warned the student about - that 70% figure represents those weapons that can be traced (i.e. those with serial numbers on and which were therefore sold legally at some point in their history). The critical thing to understand is that this figure is a small fraction of the total number of firearms used by the drug cartels in Mexico, with the vast majority of weapons being untraceable (i.e. with no serial numbers).

Of the traceable weapons recovered, some - perhaps even most - will likely have entered the hands of Mexican drug cartels either through leakages from within the Mexican military and police forces (both of which purchase firearms from the U.S.) with the remainder of those weapons being obtained illegally (i.e. theft).

Of the untraceable weapons, some of those may be manufactured in the U.S. (and if they are, then clearly the BATFE isn't doing its' purported job properly and should be abolished [of course it should be abolished anyway on general principle]), but a good proportion of the remainder will have arrived from South America.

To try to tie the prescence of weapons traced back to the U.S. to the lifting of the ban on assault rifles in 2004 is disingenuous nonsense, intended for no other purpose but to give cheap, fake ammunition to advocates of further gun control in the U.S. which is exactly what to expect of Senators Feinstein and Schumer, both of whom are surely serious contenders for title of "Most Evil Congressional Entity". And President Calderon? Here's a quote:
“I accuse the US weapons industry of [responsibility for] the deaths of thousands of people that are occurring in Mexico...”
I don't know what game he's playing (though I can guess), but that sort of statement could be read as his personal bet on the future of the U.S. 2nd Amendment.

I have the same bet.


  1. You forgot to mention Operation Fast and Furious whereby ATF allowed straw buyers for the Mexican cartels to purchase weapons. A border patrol agent was later killed with some of those weapons and when the ATF agents inthe field tried to wrap it up they got told that the order to keep it open was handed down from on high. Darrel Issa is going to be holding hearings soon, but he's getting stonewalled by the Justice Dept and high level ATF.

    Unfortunately American MSM are/were more interested in Sarah Palin and her emails as governor instead of that.

    Did you mention to her about the string of lesbian bloggers who turned out to be middle aged heterosexual white guys?

  2. "Did you mention to her about the string of lesbian bloggers who turned out to be middle aged heterosexual white guys?"


  3. Speaking of U.S. agents, have you seen this?

  4. The "Project Gunwalker" hearings are going on as we speak.

    How many of those 70% arrived in Mexico with the direct connivance of the BATFEIEIO?

  5. This gets kind of tricky, so let me explain. Their was a blog, Gay Girl in Damascus, that spouted every leftwing cliche possible. It got all emo when it seemed she got picked up by the Syrian authorities. Another Blog written by a "lesbian" outed Gay Girl in Damascus as a dude, that blogger was then outed as a guy writing as a lesbian.

    Obama is now saying ATMs and airport kiosks are one of the reasons unemployment is high. Carter 2.0 is here. He's even talking of not running but still running.

  6. Tam,

    Is the "IEIO" bit of the acronym just your own value-added snark?


    I think I'll skip on that story, just because this one was at least real:

    "Gay man who tried to poison lesbian neighbours with slug pellets over three-legged cat feud walks free"

  7. I always love Mexican political grandstanding. Please give us money, allow us to offload our most ignorant peasants onto your soil, allow us to sell you drugs, ignore all territorial incursions and blame everything bad about Mexico on you. I can't wait till we build that dam wall on the border. Teach those ignorant bastards for putting out a govt-sponsored comic book on how to sneak into the US and live there. Yeah, the Mexican govt really did put out a comic book on how to be a successful illegal immigrant.

    My personal favorite anecdote of Mexican and Latin American immigrants is them getting a phone line and the being surprised when they find out that it actually gets turned on within 1-3 days rather than 1-3 months. Some don't even know the phone line works till they receive their first call. I was shocked at what Venezuela's phone system used to be like and that was a rich Latin American country.


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