Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tainan County Mangos

I will be writing some short essays over the next couple of weeks, the first of which will be on monetary systems. However, since they require a bit of time for reading and reflection, I'll likely pepper my blog with random photo blogging in the meantime, which may occassionally include food related stuff.

At the moment, the fruit shop I buy my mangos from is taking their deliveries entirely from Pingtung county further to the south; they have both red and golden mangos as well as some smaller green ones (which I believe may be imports from the Phillipines).

This crop of red mangos out in the hills of Yujing toward the east of Tainan County won't be ready for a while yet, as can be seen by comparison with my left hand in this photo I took last saturday (they'll need to be at least twice that size before they can be harvested).

The white bag is to protect them from pests, and perhaps, (I wonder..?) excessive light. I think I recall reading somewhere that these mangos (the red ones from Yujing) are a local variation on the American cultivar "Irwin", from Florida (although I could be wrong).

Below is a picture of the Pingtung red mango I will eat later in the early hours of tommorow morning. According to Chinese medicinal culture it's best to eat hot food in the morning, but to hell with that crap.


  1. Even small green mangos are grows in Taiwan not import from philipines.

  2. Oh,by the way ,the white bag is protect them from bees.

  3. Yes, though sometimes it's a brown bag - which would suggest that the colour of the bag isn't important.

    There were also really a lot of mangos without any bags, both small and large, which suggests to me that there aren't enough people to do the job.

  4. I checked with the fruit seller - you're right, the green mangos are also Yujing produce.


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