Monday, 13 June 2011

Letter On Flora Faun


As a former teacher of former National Taiwan University students, I am - embarassed is not quite the right word - uncomfortably numb to find (yet again) that Taiwan's most prestigious institution of intellectual gardening actually encourages the growth of such florid ignorance of free market economics as that expressed in the letter (published Monday June 13th) of the woeful little doe, Flora Faun.

Far be it from me to criticize the knights of the great and the good at the round-table editorial office of the Taipei Times, but I do not think Miss Faun is correct in her estimation of their economic expertise when she insinuates that they are in a position to lecture her own professor.

Perhaps if Miss Faun would leave her own native forest of naivety, she would find such things as books - cut out of the very fabric of once living trees! - in which such things as the history of government interventions are described in detail enough for her wide, blinking eyes, and in which arguments for the market production of safety regulation are ascribed to authors whose names are somehow - inexplicably! - not Milton Friedman.

Or... perhaps the poor doe would be run over by the demands of the real world roaring down the highway as soon as she left the safety of her little government-run forest of flowers, fantasy, and other facile imbecilities.

Yours freely and in contemptuous disgust,
Michael Fagan.

(Sent: Monday 13th June 2011. Unpublished by the Taipei Times.)

Who's going to bet against them not publishing this one...?


  1. Typical misogynistic and ignorant ad hominem attack by this blog.

  2. It is not misogynistic since it does not contain any disparaging of her sex.

    It is not ignorant because it is based on knowledge of Faun's own letter as well as knowledge of free market economics.

    Ad hominem? Sure, but it is not gratuitous - since it is based on what her letter contained (which was itself ad hominem and devoid of argument).

    She deserves it.

  3. >any disparaging of her sex.

    Technically, we can't even be sure it even is a she.

  4. I think it's quite likely, but that is hardly the point - contrary to this anonymous coward.


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