Monday, 13 June 2011

Flora Faun

"As a student of National Taiwan University, I am embarrassed that the institution employs economics professors as naive as Lu Hsin-chang (盧信昌)... Let’s hope students will one day be taught by economics professors who also read about environmental issues instead of blindly believing in the so-called wisdom of the free market."
What embarasses me about Taiwan's so-called "number one" University is that it turns out pignorati little forest pixies like Flora Faun. She evidently has no idea whatsoever how regulation could itself be produced on a free market.

I am livid.


  1. Typical misogynistic and ignorant ad hominem attack by this blog.

  2. This post was neither misogynistic, ignorant, nor even a gratuitous ad hominem.

    You, however, are obviously a coward. And a dull-witted one at that.

  3. You are the coward for having removed your first post which was clearly a misogynistic and ignorant ad hominem attack. But then, you are too stupid to even realize what is the difference between an argument and a cowardly attack.

  4. This is the original post, you berk. I edited the word "ignorati" to "pignorati", but that was the only change.

    You are the one reading "mysogyny" into my remarks on the basis of Miss Faun's sex. I was taking aim at her appalling ignorance and facile touting, not her sex.

    And the reason you are a coward is because your comments are made anonymously.

  5. My use of Bambi like imagery to frame my riposte to Faun is incidental. Were it a he, I could have framed it with squirrel-like imagery but the point would have been the same - Faun's appalling ignorance coupled to that unbridled vanity in publicly shitting on free market economics in the most disrespectful manner.

    That's what pissed me off so much. A written put down of a person is one thing, but a gratuitous "ad hominem" directed, not toward a person, but toward an entire vocabulary of ideas and arguments of great moment - and under the willful suspension of epistemolgical virtue - that really is an ugly thing...

    She deserves the put down - every last word of it. I hope they publish my letter, though I doubt they will.

  6. This is the original post, and as usual, you come out as a stinking liar!

    As a former teacher of former National Taiwan University students, I am - embarassed is not quite the right word - uncomfortably numb to find (yet again) that Taiwan's most prestigious institution of intellectual gardening actually encourages the growth of such florid ignorance of free market economics as that expressed in the letter (published Monday June 13th) of the woeful little doe, Flora Faun.

    Far be it from me to criticize the knights of the great and the good at the round-table editorial office of the Taipei Times, but I do not think Miss Faun is correct in her estimation of their economic expertise when she insinuates that they are in a position to lecture her own professor.

    Perhaps if Miss Faun would leave her own native forest of naivety, she would find such things as books - cut out of the very fabric of once living trees! - in which such things as the history of government interventions are described in detail enough for her wide, blinking eyes, and in which arguments for the market production of safety regulation are ascribed to authors whose names are somehow - inexplicably! - not Milton Friedman.

    Or... perhaps the poor doe would be run over by the demands of the real world roaring down the highway as soon as she left the safety of her little government-run forest of flowers, fantasy, and other facile imbecilities.

    Yours freely and in contemptuous disgust,
    Michael Fagan.

  7. That is the next post directly above this one.

    You're not very intelligent really, are you?

    That's why I'm going to delete any more comments from you.

  8. Not able to handle any criticism? Coward!

  9. Let's see...

    You come on here - all anonymous - and falsely accuse me of misogyny and ignorance.

    You then claim that I removed my "original post" and when this is denied you call me a liar and reproduce a post you claimed was the original.

    I point out that that post is actually the one which I posted immediately after this one, which was not ever deleted (nor was this one), and which was available for everyone to see (including you) and which has a later time stamp in any case.

    And you have the utter f*ckwittery to come back and insinuate that I cannot handle criticism?

    You're a real troll: get lost - and don't come back.

  10. I had similar problems with anonymous commenters when I was blogging more frequently several years back, and when I was a liberal. There are...well, no other words for it...jerks, on both sides of the aisle. I probably warranted it occasionally, but since it was my blog, you would think they would tread lightly if they were anonymous or had never commented before.
    Now, I guess you can see why I was so heavy handed towards that anonymous commenter in that rant you deleted. All apologies, eh. But you can fully understand the annoyance. I have blogged for years now, and I am actually weary of blogging (and a bit lazy about it - after all, it is doing something for free, when perhaps one's services could be valued much more in other avenues? Anyway, I digress...
    I hope you don't get too many more of those annoying anonymous commenters just throwing their trash everywhere. Such distractions really detracts from one's focus and the clarity of discussion as a whole

  11. Oh I've seen it all before Thoth (elsewhere - I've been commenting on blogs for nearly a decade now).

    The only reason I let his/her comments stand was an idle amusement as to how excessively retarded he/she was. I even have some suspicion as to who it may have been...

    Anyway, let it rest now.


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