Saturday, 9 April 2011

2011 U.S. Budget "Impasse"

"The clock was ticking yesterday for Republicans and Democrats to come up with a deal to avert a US federal government shutdown at midnight yesterday after US President Barack Obama failed to resolve the impasse."
Errant gibberish: how could the President "fail" to resolve it? It's very simple: cut some of the goddamn spending commitments - the Republicans will agree to it, after all its not like they're free-market people.

The President is not interested in rational criticism of his spending commitments, or even just what would be a slack-alice pragmatic compromise so... on the normative premises of mainstream U.S. politics, it simply doesn't make sense for President Obama to insist that the Federal Government must spend almost U.S.$4 trillion in one financial year.

Victor Davis Hanson, I think, might well agree with that assessment, but is reluctant to state as much explicitly:
"On the budget, Obama has run up in under three years almost $5 trillion in new debt — a figure that even he acknowledges is unsustainable. That’s why he trumpeted a new bipartisan debt commission, whose findings were as sensible as they were ignored."
It actually makes a lot more sense if you entertain the proposition that all of this is being done on purpose.

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  1. "It actually makes a lot more sense if you entertain the proposition that all of this is being done on purpose."



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