Saturday, 9 April 2011

"Alternatives To The Alternatives"

A very strange import-editorial was published in the Taipei Times today from one H.T. Goranson - a writer and former U.S. government scientist in Soros' stable at PS. The article is very strange for several reasons: first, it breaks the Left's "party-line" (to the extent there is one) by admitting that renewable energy sources are basically useless on an industrial scale; second, there are some strange remarks touching on astrophysics which even a simple layman like me can recognize as ... a bit weird; third, the author gropes around for some sort of "game-changer" which, like the Manhatten Project, would really be an engineering problem rather than a scientific problem - yet he fails to mention Bussard's polywell fusion, which, to my knowledge, is exactly that.

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