Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jules Peck

"It's saying that in the future, business will cease to be about producing things people might want, and be more and more about preventing people from producing things people might want."
Endivio R's parsing (comment #10) of this piece of ignorati gibberish written by one "Jules Peck"...*
“My vision is of a new form of Dynamic Equilibrium economics (DEe) which will, while being steady in scale, still be thoroughly dynamic and require business to be as enterprising, creative and innovative as ever. As growth at a macro-scale is dethroned, so too will the focus of business innovation shift to a Flourishing Enterprise model of business in which companies and markets focus on objectives based on maximising societal flourishing and units of wellbeing delivered per unit planet input.”
This is what happens when an environmentalist tries to do economics - either his gibberish was written in foolish sincerity, or it was deliberately written in order to ensnare earnest, gullible fools; "units of wellbeing" must be the latest in-word on the diseased wing of the Left for the bunk labour theory of value which Marx took from Ricardo.

*Peck is apparently “Chairman of Edelman’s Sustainability and Citizenship Group, a founding Partner of the innovation and strategy consultancy Abundancy Partners, a Trustee of the new economics foundation and a Fellow of ResPublica...”, or as he may alternatively be known: "clueless tosspot".


  1. He must be an academic with a tenured position. Only such an egghead would write such gibberish where he could easily dictate the meaning and comprehension of what he says no matter how illogical it sounded or was.

    Shockingly a lot of people who write about business have never tried running nor starting one. I often think wealthier members of US society confuse the generosity/charity shown by the wealthy as something the govt should do rather than something society should do on its own. Only in America do you become fabulously wealthy and then give all your money away.

    BTW, liberals rule the internet in a weird hivemind sort of way. Libertarians tend to be on the outskirts and considered troublemakers for those who "fight the man" and want to be heard despite banning and censoring anyone who disagrees with them or pokes holes in their theories with actual facts and figures.

    Take public high school and what your average student is taught, now compare it with a student 30, 40 , 50 years ago. Ask them questions, simple ones about things, they have no clue. Who is Ayn Rand, what does the Bible actually say, what are the Federalist/Anti-federalist papers, what is the Scottish Enlightenment about? I play online games(EVE Online, just because it's so brutal) and some of the shit that comes out of US university students' mouths would be laughable if it weren't so sad. My corp CEO actually recorded it when I chewed out one overzealous liberal member. It was the first time he had seen(heard?) him speechless.

  2. "He must be an academic with a tenured position."

    Oh only the very highest! Or in the words of Tina Turner: simply the best!

    "BTW, liberals rule the internet in a weird hivemind sort of way. Libertarians tend to be on the outskirts and considered troublemakers..."

    Well that's me right there; the hive has banned me from a bunch of places already. Do me a favour though will you Okami? Call them "commies" or "socialists" or even just "democrats" - anything except "liberals". The thought of ceding them the very meaning of words gives me the shivers - "liberal" is our word and I will not have it handed over to people with distinctly illiberal politics.

  3. Liberal is a demeaning term in the American Lexicon. It roughly translates to "you're too ignorant to understand how things work." It's why in American society you normally only find them in cloistered or monopolistic systems, i.e. govt, academia and news media. Even McGovern had a "come to Jesus" moment with capitalism after he tried to run a B&B.

    "Atlas Shrugged" is a fascinating book, though a bit clunky at times. When you realize that it was written in the 50's, a time in American history where most things were controlled by the govt. I'd suggest reading it after you read "The Other Path". The reason why is it sets a real life example of the fiction that Ayn Rand outlined. I'm dying to see the movie. "Atlas Shrugged" is the 2nd most influential book in America.

    One thing I would outline is in American politics, democrat doesn't always equate to liberal. It often does and more so now than when I was younger. Union members tend to vote 50/50 despite 97+% of union political contributions going to democrats.

    One of the things that could really effect the world is the coming inflation. It's simply the easiest way to destroy govt debt loads with out the attendant blame.

  4. "Liberal is a demeaning term in the American Lexicon."

    I don't give a monkey's uncle: and I think you'll find it's the English language for very good historical reasons. All I'm asking is that here at my place you don't call them "liberals", but call them "commies" or "lefties" or something, alright?

    On AS - I'm not really interested enough to read it, though I've got her book on epistemology and I should probably get her "Virtue of Selfishness" just for reference. As for the film, I've heard they made a mess of it, so I might not bother.

    On inflation - yeah, it's going to be a barrel of laughs for everyone when that starts to bite... I've been warning about that since my very first letters to the Taipei Times three years ago when Obama passed his stimulus bill (not that those muppets took any notice of me).


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