Saturday, 16 April 2011

Depoltherapy Contra Ecoentropy

Also in the Taipei Times today was another letter from David Reid arguing for a green party candidate to contest the Presidential election next year in order to raise the profile of environmental issues. He writes:
"Climate change, energy policy, water resources and industrial pollution are key issues that affect the livelihood of everyone in Taiwan. These issues are complex and interrelated. They demand a bold plan rather than a piecemeal approach of opposing or stopping certain projects."
And I agree - but unlike David whose wished for "bold plan" would have to be openly totalitarian (since it would require the State to involve itself in "complex and interrelated" issues, such as how to force people to live the way David would like them to), the "bold plan" I would like to see is one of aggressive depoltherapy against both the largest source and aggravator of environmental and other externalities: the State.

Later... my comment at David Reid's blog, which has been rejected (meaning I'm banned at several places now):
"...other people's lives are not the State's to socially engineer as you see fit David and Jenna. It is not simply your overriding concern for the environment which necessarily makes you enemies of freedom, but your embrace of the the principle of violent State coercion as the essential means of resolving environmental issues to your satisfaction."

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