Friday, 11 March 2011

Not On My Watch

I took that picture above at about 10.50am this morning. Whoever did this to little Pipsqueak last night (set her tail on fire), must have done so after midnight because that was when I left the park to go home, and she was fine then. This afternoon, two of the local dog-owners and I arranged for her to be caught and taken to the animal hospital today (I don't know whether they will have to amputate or not). Phone calls and text messages are being exchanged. Later tonight I will write up posters to pin up at the park over the weekend and flyers to distribute around the neighbourhood and through Cheng Kung University asking for any information as to who may have been responsible.

I will do everything I reasonably can to find the little ratfuck/s who did this.


  1. This sort of shit makes me sick. It makes me think that old Biblical addage about an eye for an eye might actually work in some situations. If they ever do catch these dickweeds--which I highly doubt; there's a way of blending in and being tight-lipped about this sort of stupid shit here--I think they whould have their asses set on fire (newspaper up the anus, and poof!) and we should all laugh as they run around telping, arms tied behind their backs. Perhaps, to drive the message home a bit (no pun intended), the same should be done to their parents. Sick shit, man.

  2. I understand your reaction Nathan, but you're going a bit too far. On identification of the perp all that would be immediately necessary is an effective deterrant; let's not over-react.

    However, wanton cruelty toward animals is sometimes a precursor of much worse acts to come, so it would be unwise to dismiss what was done to little Pipsqueak as 不打緊 or as having no implications beyond the suffering of one little homeless dog.

  3. Well, I was going for a bit of comic relief, so to speak--finding some sort of equivalent. It does make me sick, although I don't think you'll find me putting newspaper--or anything else--up anyone's anus for any reason anytime in the future. I'm not a PETA person, either, and I do eat meat occasionally; but I don't think I'd find any reason to burn the feathers off a live chicken before butchering and cooking it. I just mean that animals have nerve endings, too. I wonder what would happen in a reverse world, where dogs could light people on fire, chickens could peck our eyes out free from retribution, etc. . . .

    (I just realized my typo--"telping" should be "yelping.")

  4. I have to be careful not to over-react myself...


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