Friday, 18 February 2011

Of Passing By

"O Zarathustra... here you have nothing to seek and everything to lose."
I have never entered into the dirty water of political discussion with other bloggers in Taiwan without warning myself as to exactly how dirty my shoes might get. The only soap I need is the observation that certain other bloggers do not want, and indeed cannot stand, rational criticism of their own prejudgements:
"...the fantasist Libertarians, imagine that the whole world would just work better if business was left alone and prices were free of interference by the State. But what has trying to reach that goal reaped since 1945."
Forget about March, Ben: I have already given you ample reason to have known that such historical assertions as that and others were wrong - and outrageously so - before you wrote them. You get no more dignity handouts from me ever again, you indolent child.


  1. Not sure who Ben is, but my Christ, that's a ridiculous statement.

    The fantasist non-Libertarians believe that the whole world will be better if everyone were ordered by the state. And look at all the peace that's brought them since . . . the beginning of time.

  2. The same Ben Goren who wrote that ridiculous piece (you linked to it earlier, it's at "Taiwan Matters") using the recent Egyptian Revolution as an analogy for the hypothetical overthrow of the KMT administration.

  3. Isn't "Taiwan Matters" Tim Maddog's blog?

    My mistake. I'm not familiar with Ben Goren.

  4. Tim Maddog has his own blog here but he seems to be more or less in charge at Taiwan Matters too. Ben Goren's blog is here.

    There's a loose group of foreigners blogging in and about Taiwan who all seem to know each other personally and have broadly the same political outlook - Michael Turton, David Reid, Tim Maddog, Ben Goren, Claudia Jean and others. Most of them live up in Taichung, with a few in Taipei, and other than them there is almost nobody else blogging on politics in Taiwan in English. Well almost nobody else...

  5. "... using the recent Egyptian Revolution as an analogy for the hypothetical overthrow of the KMT administration."

    Um, no. I must have written it poorly. My actual intention was to illustrate how the speech by Hosni Mubarak was written in a style that seemed to match (or perhaps reflect) the rhetorical style of the President Ma. The idea was utterly hypothetical but if you look at it again you should see that the protest (not 'overthrow') was only in response to the prospect of a peace deal in which Taiwan would cede its sovereignty before the following presidential election.

    Ridiculous maybe but the point of the post was to highlight the content and style of the speech.


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