Friday, 18 February 2011

Marxist Vector

Over the weekend I may write up in more detail a defence of my claim that the current President of the U.S. is a Marxist. The important point, however, is not that the President is a Marxist in the sense of mere analytical premises and emphasis whilst remaining wedded to basically bog-standard social democratic policies (as is true of people like Hitchens), but that he is a Marxist in the sense of radically collectivist policies - policies which are inherently anti-liberal and which are intended to further politicize control over economic production. I do not base this argument on the claims of the right-wing press - I am not so incapable of thought as to have to rely on them. Nevertheless, until I have that post written up, I recommend for anyone interested in this accusation the viewing of all five segments of the journalist and anthropologist Stanley Kurtz's interview with National Review's Peter Robinson. An important element throughout all of this is Kurtz's accusation that the President has so far consistently tried to pretend he is something that he isn't. Here's Stanley Kurtz at 0.57 in segment five of that interview:
"Obama has not advocated any ideology openly - he has cast many of his most ambitious plans as just 'pragmatic fixes' to the economy. I don't think that's true, and if you don't understand that there is an ideology laying behind this, you're not going to be able to really evaluate these reforms Obama is laying out."

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