Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Britain's Orwellian Met Office

Britain's Met Office to the Daily Mail (published January 4th 2011):
"We did brief the Cabinet Office in October on what we believed would be an exceptionally cold and long winter'..."
Britain's Met Office to Andrew Orlowski (published January 31st 2011):
"The Met Office has never suggested that we warned cabinet office of an 'exceptionally cold early winter'..."
Bloggers 'Autonomous Mind' and 'Katabasis' pick up on the rest of this story. Choice quote from that piece by Autonomous Mind:
"The Met Office employs a large number of very good, honest and dedicated people. This and my other blog posts on the subject are no criticism of them. But the department is being run by an unreliable group of executives who have been exposed as dishonest in the course of their efforts to underpin and further a politicised agenda (climate change)..."
I have little doubt that certain personages will of course ignore this story or dismiss it as bullshit - a quantity one of them at least is not entirely a virgin trader in.

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