Monday, 30 August 2010

See How They Run...

Observe, my good Lady Madonnas, in the comments to this item on Taipei's Flora Expo, how Turton runs away when challenged by me on a specific factual claim of his (one which, incidentally, I challenged in the Taipei Times last year when it was first thrown about without regard for the facts here and here). Scroll down further to notice, in the comments to this item on the National Immigration Agency, again over there at Turton's place, how the self-styled "Sage" also runs from my challenge to him.

If Turton had his facts straight then he wouldn't need to point me to Google - which doesn't actually provide much evidence to support his claim, even now more than a year after the World Games finished and the hacks have had ample time to write home about it. Turton doesn't have his facts, but he wants to prance about like he does have them.

If Sage had any idea what he was talking about, he would have answered the question - it was not rude and it was not complex. Of course he didn't know what he was talking about and that is why he slinked away into the shadows.

Update: Turton shows up to box (which is more than can be said for his little sidekick) - but it is not my place to announce the points.

Later: "I retract it." I suppose Turton just got fed up in the end, but look - if you make false or exaggerated claims, you should expect to get called on them and if you have any basic honesty you should always be the first to admit you are wrong; I am content to be held to that standard myself. Yes I know it wasn't the most important thing to pick a fight over, but that World Games malarky last year was nevertheless a disgrace and any defence of it on any grounds - let alone factually dodgy ones - is likewise disgraceful.

To "mx", in case Turton pulls it: My letters aren't intended to benefit twerps like you anyway. Go bungee yourself off a doorstep.

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