Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Persistence Of The Climategate Scandal

"Climategate may finally be living up to its name. If you recall, it wasn’t the burglary or use of funding that led to the impeachment of Nixon, but the cover-up. Now, ominously, three inquiries into [the Climategate] affair have raised more questions than there were before."
That's Andrew Orlowski back in July this year reporting here and here on Parliamentary dissatisfaction with the Oxburgh and Russell reports. A brief summary:

1) The remit for the Oxburgh report did not include any assessment of the CRU's actual science and was dismissed by MPs as a whitewash (hence the commission of the Russell enquiry).

2) The Russell enquiry farcically concluded that the CRU's work on temperature records was replicable despite CRU's own admission that the relevant data for conducting any such replication was missing or otherwise unavailable (i.e. the source code was such a mess it was unreadable).

3) Reasons as to why particular emails were deleted by CRU staff were left unaddressed by the Russell report.

4) The Russell enquiry did not fully stipulate to the Commons Select Committee's demand for independence in how the process was handled; there was a very narrow choice of witnesses and witness testimony was taken without public scrutiny.

I'll bet this is going to resurface in a very ugly way sometime next year as the global economic crisis worsens considerably and it becomes even clearer to even more large firms and governments that the IPCC proposed mechanisms for dealing with "climate change" are, at the very least, ridiculously unrealistic.

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