Sunday, 8 August 2010

A "Friend" Of Taiwan...

"Wow ... anyone got some kicker points that you would raise in rebuttal of the above arguments?"

How about this: your friend is not "highly educated", he's a goddamn fucking retard - and so are you for not immediately shoving his nose into the following facts:

1) The proverbial "gun to one's head" in the form of Beijing's ballistic missiles targeted at Taiwan fatally contradicts any notion of "rapprochement" or "reconciliation". The integrity of those words to any principle of human freedom literally falls to pieces under that condition.

2) Chinese nationalism has nothing to do with Taiwan and is merely the squirting of resentment from the ubiquitous masturbation of a political inferiority complex - which has been going on for at least 168 years and counting...

3) "Taiwan's autonomy", apart from being an oxymoronic absurdity (individual people can make value selections, but an entire country cannot), has nothing to do with freedom. Any deal with Beijing is going to be paraded around with that word "autonomy" (and it's best mate "democracy") splashed all over the goddamn place for the simpletons to grin at and say it's just like Britain and Ireland. Christ on a fucking banana bike...

What is wrong with you Ben? This should be OBVIOUS..."
My comment at Ben Goren's place - not very polite language, I know, but he deserves it for having all the situational clarity of a confused squirrel on the wrong end of a toothbrush.

Update: Interestingly, Ben seems to have removed that entire post from his blog; the link to it will therefore no longer work. I suppose if you cannot bring yourself to respond intellectually to fiercely worded criticism, then simply choosing to erase it is the easy option. I am taking this to mean that I am no longer welcome to comment at "Letters From Taiwan".

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