Monday, 28 June 2010

Toward A New Opposition


After the ECFA agreement is formally completed tomorrow, the DPP centered opposition must face up to the facts of their utter political failure. They have failed to stop the ECFA being signed. The protest in Taipei was made up of elderly DPP party members still wheeling out Lee Teng-hui as their hero; the man is eighty-seven years old!

Sirs, I submit that the social-democratic opposition movement in Taiwan is long past its' sell-by date. Part of the reason for this is that the movement has insufficient intellectual appeal to young people in Taiwan. It is founded on the same old, untrue and long-discredited idea that government has a "right" to dictate which so enrages us about the government in Beijing.

The only difference between the governments in Taipei and Beijing is democratic dilution.

It is high time for a new opposition movement in Taiwan - one opposed to government per se and not merely the extension of its' dictate beyond some arbitrarily contrived line of "national harmony" or "human rights".

Why is it the people of Taiwan "need" to have schools and universities controlled by the government? It is for thought control, the entrenchment of political power, and a bloated welfare scheme for "teachers". It can be replaced by the efforts of home-schooling cooperatives by free people in possession of their own property and their own minds.

Why is it the people of Taiwan "need" to have a central bank with a monopoly on the medium of trade? It is for issuing funny money for the government to lend to their compelled corporate friends, waste on nonsense promises, wreak havoc on daily market prices and undermine the value of working people's savings. It can be replaced by a system of competing currencies freely exchanged.

Why is it the people of Taiwan "need" to have a government sponsored healthcare system? It is for forcibly extracting cash without consent from young working people to line the pockets of rich doctors while doing untold injustice to the concept of "insurance".It can be replaced with the competitiveness of service and value to patients offered by a free market in healthcare and medicine without government distortion.

Why is it the people of Taiwan "need" to have the most effective and logical means of self defense taken away from them? It is for keeping the gangsters in power, criminals on the street and thus by extension that abominable welfare scheme otherwise known as a "police force". These laws can be abolished and Taiwanese people will have to learn to take responsibility for their own lives and moral choices.

Sirs, I put it to you that it is the government in Taipei that must be resisted now if there is to be any future resistance to the government in Beijing. And that day is coming. All of us in Taiwan must earn the right to be free or submit to eventual slavery beneath government jackboot.

Yours freely,
Michael Fagan.

(Sent: Monday 28th June 2010. Unpublished by the Taipei Times)

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