Monday, 28 June 2010

Michael Turton Reports On The Anti-ECFA Rally

I can't stand the guy - he is so far invested in the social democratic premise of nation-state politics that he can't see the wood for the trees - but the Turd does do a sterling job of linking up reports on the anti-ECFA rally in Taipei. The figure of 32,000 given by the Taipei police is a lowball figure he says, but J. Michael Cole (of whom I am no fan either) reckons the turnout must have been quite low. Either way, I agree with Cole that the protests never had a chance of preventing the implementation of the ECFA.

My view, which I reiterate time and again in my letters to the Taipei Times, is that the current opposition movement in Taiwan centering around the social democratic outlook of the Democratic Progressive Party is as good as finished and must be overthrown and replaced with an anti-government movement. There are no Uni kids involved - it's just the same old 60 something year old grandpa mango farmers. They can sell me mangos any time I choose, but they ain't selling ideas to the kids anymore.

Only someone like me can do that.

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